Abstract submission

Abstract guidance for poster presentation for ISMINS 2019, Phuket, Thailand

1. Please kindly register in the website ISMINS before September 10, 2019.

2. The abstract should follows the guidance for poster presentation as the following :

1.) Abstracts must be submitted in English.

2.) Titles should contain no more than 50 words.

3.) Abstract text should contain no more than 300 words.

4.) Use standard abbreviations. Place a special or unusual abbreviation after the full word when it appears for the first time.

5.) The tables, graphs or diagrams should not allow upload in the abstract.

6.) Changes to abstract can only be accepted until the deadline.

7.) If the work is not original, author(s) should reference original source and ensure all relevant permission and / or authorization to re-use have been obtained.

3. The accepted abstract will be presented as E-poster. The committee will sent the final results for acceptant to all authors before September 10, 2019.

Download>>Template E-poster